Tot City

The Tot City meets standards for children ages 2-5 years or 6-23 months. The whimsical roof features a leaf pattern in the natural color option and a start pattern i the playful color option. This structure, featuring 2 decks, a slide, rock climber, bubble panel, find and seek, and bigwheel panel, can easily fit an entire classroom. It is also available in metal, part number MEC-205.

Age Groups: 2-5 years or 6-23 months
Use Zone: 31’6″ x 21’6″
Fall Height: 2’6″
Activities: 7
Capacity: 12-14
Weight: 2359 lbs
Recycled content: 76%
Milk jugs: 12,500
Scrap Metal: 205 lbs
Wood Option: 77% FSC content

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