BluePrint for Play

BluePrint for Play Toolkit

The BluePrint for Play toolkit’s objective is to bring communities together in the creation of a play space. Your particular recreation space should be customized to suit your community. This unique toolkit is designed as five separate guidebooks: Plan It, Fund It, Design It, Build It and Sustain It, to help you can customize the resources to meet your specific needs. However you use it, it is designed to put the power that drives the decision process in your hands, and guide you in engaging resources to inspire your community.

Although your project may not require all of the available guides, each will offer relevant points that may inspire you and your team in the creation of your unique playground plan.

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BluePrint for Play 5 book toolkit


An overview of the planning process to consider when undertaking a playground project. From initial site selection to engaging the community in discovering what your play space will need to be meaningful, Plan It helps you break the process into steps, and addresses the components required in each to move forward. Plan It is a helpful tool in any stage of playground development.

This Guidebook addresses the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Assessing Your Needs & Budget
  • Choosing a Site
  • Evaluating & Enlisting Community Support
  • Selecting a Vendor
  • Managing a Successful Event
  • Planning for the Future
  • References & Resources



This book reviews many funding options available for playgrounds, from grants to fundraisers, then illustrates a variety of ways to use the strength of your community to engage donors and “make the ask.” A great resource for stimulating the creativity needed to discover your community’s funding strong points and capitalize on them for success.

This Guidebook addresses the following topics:

  • Aligning Values & Goals
  • Planning your Strategy
  • Soliciting Funding Sources
  • Grants
  • Making the Ask
  • Recognizing Volunteers & Donors
  • References & Resources



A play space must be meaningful, inclusive, and engaging to be successful, Design It helps illustrate the key points to explore in playground design to help accomplish the goal. The book demonstrates ways codetermine your needs, then highlights a variety of methods for engaging children, stakeholders, and the community in the design process to reach a final design that can be used to rally community support and engage children and families for years to come.

This Guidebook addresses the following topics:

  • Create a Vision
  • Identify Goals & Best Practices
  • Ensure Play Value
  • Engage the Community
  • Report Outcomes
  • References & Resources



Whether you are planning a community build effort, or would prefer to hire a professional installation crew, this book offers a variety of build models, helps you determine how to select the best one for your unique needs, then uncovers the steps needed to ensure your preferred build model happens on time and on budget.

This Guidebook addresses the following topics:

  • Getting Organized
  • Assigning Team Leader & Volunteer Responsibilities
  • Site Preparation & Tool List
  • Organizing Equipment & Construction
  • Celebrating the Grand Opening
  • Resources



You’ll want to ensure your play space is used and maintained regularly! Sustain It provides basic information on playground maintenance and supervision, and illustrates a variety of activities and programs you can implement to help make it even more meaningful to the community!

This Guidebook addresses the following topics:

  • Maintenance & Supervision
  • Planning for Program Success
  • Programming & Activity Options
  • Marketing Services
  • Evaluating Programs
  • Resources & References


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